About Us

Azoth’s Purpose

Azoth is a vertically integrated additive manufacturing company driven by quality. Focused on innovation and technology, Azoth has developed the TOMO® business model to transform physical inventory into digital inventory that is printed on demand. With world class technology in metal AM, deep knowledge in plastics and composites printing, and leading manufacturing engineers, Azoth generates new manufacturing solutions with their customers. Azoth aims to be the continued technology experts of a rapidly changing field, and help customers implement the best solution for their manufacturing needs.

Azoth’s Roots

Azoth combines the quality systems of traditional manufacturing with the speed and efficiencies of the Rapid Prototyping industry. Azoth has a deep understanding of the entire Additive Manufacturing (AM) landscape and applies the best technology for each customer’s parts. With Azoth, customers only need a blueprint or an idea, which Azoth can then transform into the exact physical part the customer desires. More than a service bureau, Azoth is manufacturing to blueprints on demand. Whether the customer is searching for complex prototypes or high volumes of end-use components, Azoth’s customer focused and quality driven approach is up to the task. Azoth is backed by a successful parent company, Ewie Group of Companies (EGC), which services 300+ fortune 500 manufacturing facilities across 12 countries. Azoth is the newest of 6 brands in the EGC, which have been highly successful at driving innovation through engineering expertise in the traditional industrial distribution space.  This tie to the EGC, in combination with deep technical partnerships, has positioned Azoth to be an industry leader in delivering end-use metal and polymer components.

About the name

In Alchemy, the medieval form of chemistry, Azoth was believed to be the material that could transform lesser metals into more valuable ones, like gold. Additive manufacturing embodies the same principles where raw materials are combined to build something new that is more valuable. The world class technology, unique processes, and skilled team located in Ann Arbor, MI are combined to create products that innovate and drive manufacturing forward, becoming the customers Azoth!


Azoth can aid in your design, prototype your ideas, engineer products, 3D scan your part, and manufacture your product.

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Available Materials

Azoth supports over 40 materials and is ready to work with you to select the best material for your application.

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