Azoth has developed a new way of manufacturing indirect materials through our TAKE ONE MAKE ONE® system. Building on lean manufacturing principles, TOMO® aims to fully optimize the inventory management process by eliminating waste and reducing the cost to carry inventory. With TOMO, a digital copy of the physical inventory is created which Azoth uses to manufacture custom parts on-demand via 3D printing. In other words, when a user takes one product out of inventory Azoth manufactures one to replace it. Depending on your inventory needs, Azoth will enable manufacturing inventory on-demand in your facility or will utilize Azoth’s competency center. Complex parts or low use material parts will be manufactured at Azoth and shipped the next day. This system drastically decreases inventory levels and allows engineers to iterate their designs with little to no obsolescence.

The Benefits

Understand each item in your facility that can be 3D printed and transform this from physical inventory into digital inventory which is manufactured on demand.

  1. Reduce inventory on hand
  2. Establish a redundant supply chain
  3. Eliminate 5-12 week lead times
  4. Mitigate inventory obsolescence
  5. Respond to emergency situations
  6. Allow engineers to iterate designs quickly
  7. Rely on the experts in additive, while you focus on your core business

The Process

Azoth uses a special algorithm to quickly identify 3D opportunities and experienced manufacturing engineers are deployed to add shop floor applications to the digital inventory.

  1. Facility Review: Azoth works with you to identify all parts that can be 3D printed
  2. Evaluation: Cost benefit analysis completed to determine parts for Digital Inventory
  3. Validation: Parts are testing in application and setup in Digital Inventory
  4. Manufacturing: Azoth enables TOMO® through a combination of on-site printing and manufacturing at the Azoth competency center

The Applications

Azoth is focused on replacing typical shop materials like stainless steel, tool steel, Delrin, Nylon, UHMW, ABS, Urethane, and more!

  • Blueprint details
  • Gripper fingers, jigs and fixtures
  • Machine spare parts
  • End -of-arm tooling
  • Gaging components
  • Workplace storage
  • MRO and material handling products
  • Safety items

Contact Azoth today for an inventory evaluation and to establish a digital transformation plan.


Azoth can aid in your design, prototype your ideas, engineer products, 3D scan your part, and manufacture your product.

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Available Materials

Azoth supports over 40 materials and is ready to work with you to select the best material for your application.

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